The purchase and ordering of products is done by selecting the “add to cart” option, whereupon the product is transferred to the cart, where the quantity and individual products can be selected. Before placing the order, the consumer declares that he/she agrees and accepts the terms and conditions of purchase by selecting the relevant icon “I have read and accept the terms and conditions of purchase.”. These terms and conditions are the following :

the characteristics of the product, its price including VAT, the guarantee provided only where this is expressly provided, any applicable discounts on the price, the cost of transport costs, the ways of ordering, payment and delivery, the returns policy, information on the procedure for declaring the right of withdrawal, the obligation to pay upon submission of the order and information on the terms and conditions of use of the e-shop mentioned below.

While browsing the website of our company, the consumer, by selecting the icon of each product, in each category of shoes, bags or accessories, can be informed about all the information concerning the product, both in terms of appearance, through the photos posted, and in terms of characteristics, which are described in detail under the photo of each product.

In case a product is not available for order, next to the product there will be the indication “Out of stock”, while in case the product is available on request, there will be the indication “Available on request”. In the case where the product is available on request, the consumer will be informed by e-mail, which will be requested when placing the order, as to the date of delivery of the product after the order has been placed by the store, and the consumer will then have to confirm by e-mail that he wishes the order to be placed and that he accepts to have the product sent to him on the above date. Only after the confirmation from the consumer, the order will be completed, otherwise and in case the amount corresponding to the purchase price has already been paid by the consumer, it will be refunded to him within a reasonable period of time by the company.

In addition, after entering the data necessary for the transaction and before completing the order, the user is invited to declare that he/she has been informed of the processing of his/her personal data carried out in the context of the conclusion of the sales contract, by selecting the relevant icon “I have been informed of the processing of my personal data in accordance with the legislation of the GDPR”.

1α. Ways of ordering :

-by online order, following the steps described on our website, via our e-shop site

-by telephone order, by calling the telephone number of the company under the name “Kourtidou Athanasia of Konnos” from Monday to Friday and during the hours from 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.

– by electronic order by e-mail to the following address:

1β. Payment methods :

The consumer then selects the method of payment, which may be one of the following :

a. by using a debit/credit card at the time of placing the order, in which case the consumer is transferred to a secure online environment to enter the debit/credit card details, and complete the online payment, while the order is completed after payment.

Payment option:
– Through credit, debit and prepaid cards of Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners
– Masterpass e-wallet

b. by bank deposit to one of the following bank accounts of the company:

– Bank EUROBANK : GR3602602820000180200828106

– PIRAEUS Bank : GR1201722800005280082725904

– Bank ALPHA BANK : GR620140715002002002004517

When making the deposit, the consumer’s full name and the order number must be written on the reason for the deposit.

In the case of payment by bank transfer from a different bank, the consumer will be charged the transfer fee.

In this case, the order will be sent only after the total amount of the order has been deposited and the proof of payment has been sent to the e-mail :

c. upon receipt at the physical store of the company, by cash payment or payment by pos.

1c. Completion of the order :

Upon completion of the order, the consumer receives a confirmation e-mail of the order details, sent to the e-mail indicated when registering the details of the order.

In the case of payment by bank deposit, if the deposit is not made within 2 working days, the order is cancelled.

Furthermore, in the case of payment by cash on delivery, if the product is not delivered, and if the non-delivery is not due to reasons of force majeure, then the order is not delivered and the consumer is liable for the shipping costs and the shipping costs of returning the product to the company, which are borne exclusively by the consumer.

In the case of an order with collection of the product from the physical store, the product is reserved for 2 working days, and if the customer does not come to the store within this period to collect the order, then the order is cancelled.

The company reserves the right to cancel or suspend the entire order or its delivery, whatever its nature and level of execution, in the event of non-payment or partial payment of any amount of money owed by the buyer, in the event of fraud in payment or in the event of fraud or attempted fraud in the use of the company’s website

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