Mission expenses:

When creating an order, the consumer is asked to fill in the postal code of the region within Greece where the order will be delivered, or the country abroad, and then the postal code of the region of the country, and then the shipping costs are automatically calculated. If after the completion of the order, the consumer wishes to change the place of delivery, there is the possibility of informing the company via e-mail, at or by telephone at 2310387010. If the new place of delivery is in a different area from the previously determined, the consumer is charged with the difference in the cost of shipping costs, if they are higher than the previously determined shipping costs. Similarly, if the amount of the delivery costs at the new place of delivery is lower, the difference of the amount paid, which is higher than the final amount of the delivery costs, shall be refunded. Shipments are made both within Greece and abroad.

The price list of shipping costs is as follows:

The transport costs applied by the transport company cooperating with our company will apply. More specifically the transport costs are the following :

for shipments over 70 euros within Greece : free transport
for shipments under 70 euros within Greece : 4 euros
for shipments to Cyprus : 10 euro
For the existence or not of transport costs (shipping costs), the consumer will be informed when placing the order, and before the final submission of the order, as mentioned above.

The delivery time of the products depends on the delivery time according to each courier company. This is also related to the delivery policy of the courier companies, depending on various factors, including but not limited to the place of delivery.

In the event that the order cannot be executed for reasons of force majeure (e.g. strikes, weather conditions, etc.), the company will contact the consumer, either by telephone or e-mail. Products marked “on request” will be delivered as soon as they are available at the premises of the company, in which case they will be sent by courier. Deliveries are not made on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

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